Things To See And Do In Vilamoura

Taking your holiday in Vilamoura is always a fun and relaxing experience for everyone involved. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find activities which will fill your days with so you are just sat lounging by a pool, as fun as that may be. To try and help you with this, we’ve comprised some information about the kinds of things you can do while you’re on holiday in Vilamoura.


Vilamoura is a town which is right on top of a marina, and this can be used in the best way possible once you go little ways out of the town, where the ocean gets quieter and less crowded. From there, there are lots of different facilities where you can participate in activities such as waterboarding, jet skiing, and much more. And when you’re done, you can come back on land and go to one of the many beach bars and restaurants that are dotted along the coast. Speaking of restaurants, why not check out places like Restaurante Chinês Zu Yi or the Julius Restaurant Wine Bar.

The nightlife


Loads of holiday destinations have a great nightlife, and Vilamoura is no different. With the towns and villages in the area being full of bars, clubs and intimate cafes, there’s no shortage of places to go and enjoy the atmosphere and relaxed vibe that’s on offer. Plus, there’s even a club with cabaret dances, which make for a unique experience which you won’t forget for a while. Some good clubs include BLISS, Seven Vilamoura, and Kadoc.

The Gypsy Market

Something a little more offbeat, but still definitely worth looking into, the gypsy market is something which is located little ways into Vilamoura but is well worth the exploration to find it. Boasting a broad range of goods and commodities, there’s something for everyone to look into and explore, and will be filled with goodies you can take back for family and friends.

The local carnival

Another great thing to in Vilamoura to go and see is the ‘Marchas dos Santos Populares’, which is a counterpart to the colourful and exciting carnivals one might see in Rio. This one is an excellent contender, however, having a broad range of dynamic and breathtaking models made. Some say that the carnival itself was first created as a way of paying homage to the three saints Anthony, John and Peter. In today’s incarnation, however, there’s less focus on that, and a lot of dancing, lights and stalls selling foods and drinks, which makes for a very good time to be had by all.

Overall, there’s plenty to see and do in Vilamoura, with something for everyone. If you fancy just a few days lounging by a pool and not having a care in the world, then you can, but if you want to explore, or try some extreme watersports, or check out the nightlife, then there’s something here for you. If you go away on holiday, you want your trip to memorable, filled with good times, and for there never to be a dull moment, so selecting the right activities and things to do on your holiday is vital for getting the most out of your time away.


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