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All Prices - Per Annum Rentals365 Holiday VRBO Vacation Holiday
Basic Cost 95.00 209.00 $279.00 $174.00 219.00
No Commision
Pictures 24** 4 3 8 16
Google Map
Unlimited Text
Contact Form
Owners Website link
Calendar **
Take Reservations **
Video **
Featured Listing ** 240 1083
Google base **
rss feed **
Ad Blaster **

** Only with a paid Listing (Premium (160.00)).

The basic cost gives you a listing on Rentals365. This will get your property noticed by some of our visitors.
We do not ask for any commision with regard to your bookings, so any money you receive from enquiries via Rentals365 is your profit. You only have to take one or two bookings per year in order to cover your listing fee.
The basic listing gives you 6 pictures, but a picture says a thousand words. If you want to truly amaze potential renters, then you need to upload as many pictures as possible. We believe that 24 photos are plenty.
A map reference gives your potential clients the knowledge of knowing exactly where your property is located. You are advised to add your Google co-ordinates to your listing, as this has been proved to positively help in creating bookings.
You have an option to create your own calendar on our website with Option2. Please see 'Take Reservations' for more information.
Write as much as you want about your property. The more content you can add the better. We provide you with pre-formatted text blocks, for you to take advantage of headers. Headers give search engines more information about how your page is constructed, so therefore you rank better in search results.
We provide you with a secure contact form. This reduces most of the spam, and scam email requests that other forms receive. Enquiries are sent direct to you, so there is no delay in contacting a potential renter.
Reviews are a great way to encourage other potential guests to your property. It is important that you add your guestbook to your listing after you have uploaded your details. You must then ask your guests to upload thier own comments to your listing.
With Option2, you have a simple calendar, or the option to have your own booking engine working for you 24hrs a day. This calendar, with a built in reservation, and payment form enables you to take deposits or even full payment via the internet! You can add your paypal details in order to receive payments on line. This can give you a great advantage to capture potential renters at the moment they are thinking of booking - before they change their minds. You can also manage all your reservations, and bookings via the platform, and download all your information via a CSV file to an Excel spreadsheet - to keep you fully organised!
Adding video to your listing is a major selling point. Especially these days with faster internet connections. Internet users expect to see videos, so give them what they want. We provide you with the facility to upload your own video, or embed a link to one that you have already created at YouTube.
A featured listing gives your property extra exposure throughout the website, and is rotated on various relevant pages. It gives browsers more opportunities to view your details, and Search engines more chances to spider your listing. Studies have shown that a featured listing gives you a 50% greater chance of receiving enquiries.
Google base is Googles' listing service. It provides listings for all manner of products, and services. With an option2 listing, your information is automatically added to this feed, giving your listing more exposure, and more spidering. The rss feeds also gets your listing shown on lots of other websites.
Ad Blaster is only available to Option2, and what this means is that we will 'Blast' your listing to the top of the search engines (if not the top, then as high as we can get it). We select listings on relevancy, and quality and feature your ad in various advertising, and promotions that we undertake.
RSS feeds are a way that internet users, and other websites can channel various information into an easily portable text file. Subscribers to our feeds will automatically receive rss updates.
With a link to the owners website, the prospective renter can gather more information about the property in question. Not all rentals sites offer this, as it takes the visitor away from the website, and enquiries can go direct to the owner with them not knowing that the referrer was the rentals site the advert was placed upon.

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Rentals365 is totally user friendly, and there are enough parameters for you to add all types of information to your listing. Prospective renters are therefore well informed about your property. © 2004 - Present Day . All rights reserved.
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