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Germany is located in the centre of Europe. It shares it's borders to the north with the North Sea,denmark and the Baltic Sea. Poland and the Czech Repubkic are to the East. Austria and Switzerland are to the south and France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to the west.

Germany covers an area of 357,021km2 and has a temperate seasonal climate. Germany has a population of 81.8 million. This means Germany has the highest population figure of all the member states in the European union.

During 1949, Germany was split in two, East and West Germany, due to Allied occupation after World War II. However, in 1990 Germany was once again joined together. In 1957 Germany became part of the European Community later to become the European Union in 1993. The Euro currency was introduced in 1999.

Germany is made up of a republic of sixteen states and it's capital is Berlin. Germany is also part of NATO, United Nations, G8, G20 and the WTO.

Germany has a high standard of living and a good social and welfare system. Germany is ranked high amongst other countrys in the EU for its exports and imports and is also highly regarded for its ability to maintain stability within European affairs.

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