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The Island of Barbados is 23 kms wide and 34 kms in length. In total it covers only 431 km2. Barbados is located to the west of the North Atlantic Ocean and east of the Caribbean Sea and Windward Islands. The Grenadines and the islands of Saint Vincent are about 168kms east and Venezuela about 400 kms north east.

Originally Barbados belonged to Portugal, but in 1625 Barbados became part of the British Colonies.

The Island is inhabited by 275,338 people. Many live in the capital city of Bridgetown.
Barbados was made independent in 1966, but still retains Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State.

Barbados is a top tourist destination.

The weather is moderately tropical. June to November are the wet season, with the dry season being December to May. Rainfall is between 40 to 90 inches a year.

Barbados manages to escape the areas hurricanes and tropical storms in the rain season, due to it's location, being further east in the Atlantic Ocean.

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